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Website Design & Videography to Get Your Business On Track

Optimize and become more profitable with the power of clear and concise storytelling techniques.




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Without a Clearcut Path to Follow,
Marketing Can Be Kind of a Mystery

It can be tricky, tempting you to settle for "good enough," but you don't have to settle. There's a better way forward.

You don't have to settle for "good enough" anymore.

Every Business Deserves Incredible Marketing

If you're a freelancer, a solopreneur, or a small business, it works for everyone—in every industry.

With your new website and video content, you can feel confident and proud to share your business.


Based on the art and science of the Narrative Transportation effect, your brand will be much more attractive.


When storytelling is leveraged, you'll experience more engagement, qualified leads, and brand loyalty.


Hello, I'm Adam.
Story-Based Marketing Changed My Life

After a major career setback, I was lost, but then I discovered how to use storytelling in business.

A picture of a Sacramento videographer and website designer named Mr. Adam Partridge

Marketing can be tricky and really frustrating to figure out, especially without a reliable process to follow, but with the story-based approach that I used to create this website, I can help you get your business on track with a mind-blowing marketing process that makes so much sense. It's amazing.

Services to Upgrade Your Marketing Content

Coming Soon: A full-service option to create and launch a complete 5-part sales funnel.

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Copywriting Guide

Just like a movie needs a script, marketing needs a script too—a copywriting guide for every single word, sentence, headline, etc.

A picture of a blueprint

Website Blueprint

If you want to give the DIY option a try, or you're already committed to a web designer, I'll create a PDF blueprint of what it should look like.

A picture of a web designer's workspace.

Website Design

Once your copywriting script is dialed in, we'll create a visual prototype in Adobe XD, then build and publish it on Wix.

A picture of a Sacramento videographer with a clapperboard.

Video Production

I recommend starting with a Brand Story video. Click on LEARN MORE to see more ideas for all of the video content we can make together.

Let's Make It Happen

You have a destination. I have a way to get there. Just follow the steps.

Step 1

Click on the GET A QUOTE button and we'll start the process of figuring out all of your marketing and video needs.

Step 2

Upon agreement of the scope of work, we'll create a copywriting script and determine how to bring everything to life, visually.

Step 3

After a few rounds of revisions, I'll deliver the completed work and you'll be much more confident about your marketing.

Storytelling. Story Telling Business concept..jpg

Go Beyond "Good Enough" With the Best Marketing Approach Out There

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or a non-profit, I know you want your marketing to be the very best, to give your business the best chance at success, but you’re not sure how to get there—making you feel lost, frustrated, and maybe even tempted to settle with the “good enough" approach. As business owners, I believe we need to go beyond “good enough.” Because even if you’re just a freelancer, every business deserves (and needs) incredible, "blow their minds" marketing. I understand what it’s like to struggle with all of this. When my dream to become a Hollywood filmmaker didn’t work out, I realized that it was partly due to not knowing how to market myself and I really think story-based marketing could’ve made the difference. It took a few years, but I finally committed myself to using this kind of approach and I'm so glad I did. One of the best things about it is that it provides a step-by-step plan to follow—a plan that’s based on clear and concise storytelling techniques, insights into how the brain responds to a well-told story, and the need to survive and thrive. Here’s how we’ll go about it: First, we’ll go through an interview process so we can write a BrandScript—a copywriting guide for every single piece of marketing content, including video. After that we’ll create said marketing content with your BrandScript and story-based design techniques. Once approved, it’s time to publish, post, and promote like there’s no tomorrow. So if you’re ready to change course and start applying the best marketing approach out there, just click the blue REQUEST A CONSULTATION button so you can go beyond “good enough” and quit all of the maddening guesswork. From there, we can start the process to optimize your marketing—and give your business the best chance at succeeding—with the power of clear and concise storytelling.

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